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Our mission at Diamond Touch Security (DTS) is to improve the overall quality of life by providing a high quality, dependable trusted security service. We are committed to maintain a high level of excellence in order to provide exceptional care. We are dedicated to your safety and well-being and unwaveringly adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.

Diamond Touch Security, LLC. (DTS) offers a wide range of security services in support of both public and private sectors. Our founders have worked directly with or in support of a variety of clients that range from small local businesses, to world-class international F500 companies by providing a variety of services ranging from executive protection, event security, outdoor events to static observation posts. Our services cover a broad spectrum which includes both armed and unarmed security officers, access control, and security program development and implementation. We possess a strong management team that boasts over 50 years of Military and Law Enforcement experience in both business and government security arenas. As a Veteran owned company we demand substantive results from our employees. Contract compliance, exigent responsiveness, and the overall satisfaction of our clients are the hallmarks of our high quality of services.

About Us
Brandon Voller

President and Co-Founder

Brandon is a retired Senior Enlisted Military Police Officer and currently serves as the President of Diamond Touch Security (DTS). He brings 22 years of Military experience, 15 + years of personal protection in both tactical and corporate environments, and numerous years in leadership roles and senior management positions.

Brandon graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Management, has a Certificate in Computer Information Systems – Networking Concentration, and has an Active DoD Secret Security Clearance that expires in 2025.

During his 22 years of Military service, his assignments have included: Personal Security Officer (PSO) for the V Corps Commanding General, Senior Military Police Liaison, Platoon Sergeant, Senior Instructor for Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) and Military Police Desk Sergeant. He has deployed to Riyadh Saudi Arabia (Operation Southern Watch), Karbala Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom II), and has conducted business/special operations in 20+ countries.

Brandon is a graduate of the U.S. Army Protective Services Training (PST), Physical Security Officers Course (PSO), Senior Leaders Course (SLC), Anti-Terrorism Evasive Driving (ATED), Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI) and Airborne School.

About Us
Mayland (Moe) Dowding

Assistant Field Operations Manager

Mayland (Moe) Dowding is a veteran close protection officer, who has spent a combination of 20+ years in the U.S. Marines and the Private Security sector as Personal Protection Specialist to VIP’s, celebrities, and affluent individuals.

During Moe’s 10-year Marine Corps career, he attained the rank of Sergeant and served honorably as an Infantryman and a Scout Sniper. As a Sergeant, he was charged with leading and mentoring young Marines under his command in garrison and leading highly skilled teams of operators in the most demanding of austere environments. Moe has attended and graduated some of the Military’s most challenging courses such as: Marine Basic & Advanced Sniper, High Angel Mountain Sniper, Infantry Scout Course, Enhance Marksmanship Course, Reconnaissance/Surveillance course, HELO Rope Suspension Training Master School, and Combat Life Saver.

Moe’s combination of Military service and working in the Private Security sector has proven to be an effective combination of hard/soft skills for conceptualizing, planning and executing personnel protection, high-profile events and low-key subtle security when required.

Moe is registered as a security guard in New York and Florida. He is a Fire Safety Director (FSD) with Active Shooter and Emergency Preparedness training, and he has a Florida concealed weapons permit. Additionally, he is current with First Aid, CPR and AED training.

About Us
Sandra Nugent

Assistant Field Operations Manager

Our partner company and event consultant, Orenda Events & Services, has over 15 years in the business of Event Management! For many years, Sandra has personally planned, managed and overseen every detail of many highly publicized events. Sandra’s most notable event is The New York City Marathon, which she has managed for 8 years in a row, providing organization for the 40,000+ participants/guests that are in attendance.

Orenda Events & Services has considerably become a logistical powerhouse. Diamond Touch Security, LLC. supports their vision and their mission, and the partnership of both companies builds a solid foundation on which the sky is the limit.

Based in North Dublin, Ireland, with a global client-base including the U.S., Orenda Events & Services provides a wide array of utilities from Event Management Services, Logistical Support to Business Support Services. The goal is to provide all clients with a professional and knowledgeable service that offers complete flexibility while maintaining a continued business relationship.

Visit our website to find out more. https://www.OrendaEvents.com

Sustainability Initiative near New York, NY

Diamond Touch Security (DTS) is committed to addressing the rising need for sustainability minded business practices across the globe.

Co-Founder Jeffrey Jhagroo is professionally trained to guide our organization in these practices. His academic studies at Columbia University, in the Sustainable Development Field, have built the foundation needed to identify constructive steps which can be implemented in virtually every business arena. Where we buy, what we buy, and what we pay matters!

The three pillars of Sustainability (Social, Economic, and Environment) are interlocked and any measure taken to impact one will have an impact on all three. Recognizing this, DTS endeavors to conduct business with like-minded organizations and source purchases from companies inclined towards sustainable practices.