Maximizing Safety at Outdoor Events: Strategies from Diamond Touch Security

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If you are the business manager of an event management company and are responsible for organizing outdoor events, managing the crowd, and ensuring the security of all attendees. Managing the security of outdoor events can prove quite complex, as you must understand the potential security risks and the best way to mitigate these risks. You will find that with the best New York event security company; you can ensure that everyone at an event is safe and the program is completed without glitches. They will evaluate the condition of the venue and do risk assessment to implement the security protocols. Here is all you must know about maximizing safety in outdoor events and the strategies for managing security risks.

What you must consider when you do outdoor event security planning?

The first step in outdoor security planning is to understand the size of the event and the number of people you are expecting to attend the event. When you evaluate the size of the event, it is essential to assess every aspect of it, such as health, safety, and security. For example, if you are responsible for organizing a music event where you expect famous musicians to play, you must prepare for a large audience. Here, for the safety of the audience and the musicians, you must have many security protocols.

When you declare such an event on social media and check the list of people who show interest and want to attend the event, you will know the audience size. Similarly, if the event is closed and the entry is restricted, you can estimate the audience size based on the number of tickets you have sold. You can expect a significantly large audience if one of the musicians or the band playing in the event has achieved celebrity status. All these will give you an idea of the size of the event and the audience.

The security measures you can now place will help control the crowd and make it easier for the musicians of the bands to play their music. Thus, when deciding the security of an event, discuss with the experts the nature of the event, the number of people you expect will attend the event, the size of the venue, and the hype surrounding the event. Once you have these discussions with the experts, they can guide you regarding the nature of the security and the number of security personnel you need at the event.

What can you expect from the security personnel managing the event?

You will find that the security personnel will evaluate the event and the crowd you can expect before planning the entry and exit points for the venue. Similarly, the security personnel are also quite discreet, so the audience is not unduly disturbed while watching their favorite artists perform. Thus, discussing the security protocols they want to implement for the event with a New York event security company is best. This will make the event one of the most successful in the season, especially when you are organizing a large-scale event. Other than these factors, you must consider some other things while managing an outdoor event, and some of these are as follows

  • Coordination Coordination with the security team

This is essential for risk management and to prevent any issue from becoming a significant problem. It is important to remember that an event must be enjoyable for the artists and the audience. Thus, coordinating with the security team regarding risk management and mitigation is essential. Here is what you must consider while coordinating with the security team:

  • The essential things that you must consider while coordinating with the security team are the seating arrangement for the audience, the route for the guests and performers to arrive on the stage, and the evacuation routes.
  • The objective of a well-coordinated security team is to avoid any hazardous situations during the event. For example, if a sudden medical emergency or a fire breaks out during the event, the audience must be able to leave the venue through pre-designated paths.
  • The security team is responsible for crowd management and ensuring no one gets hurt during the event. Hence, coordination with the security team is essential to mitigate and manage risk.

Clear communication with the security team is essential to prevent any problem during the event.

  • Monitor and create a center for an overview of the event

In case of a large event, it is necessary to have the layout of the area so that you can organize the exit routes to the emergency centers where you can provide basic first aid, and other similar facilities for the safety and security of the people attending the event. If you want to monitor an event closely, you will find that the security team will arrange for the following:

  • There will be a centralized location, which will help the team leaders get a complete overview of the event.
  • The security personnel will be stationed at suitable locations near the stage, entry and exit points, and regions with higher risk chances.
  • The positioning of the security personnel is done so that it helps the audience enter and leave the venue quickly.

Thus, the security personnel will set up suitable checkpoints to ensure the people entering the event are thoroughly checked. They will also have a centralized management center for better crowd control.

Hiring experts for an event’s security requirements is essential to ensure no security lapses. This is essential for the reputation of your company. If you organize an event and are faced with a security issue, it will be a mark on your company’s reputation. Hence, hiring expert security personnel and ensuring that the event is managed perfectly is the best method for avoiding such an untoward situation.

What are some of the crowd control techniques for significant events?

Crowd control is different from crowd management because crowd control involves setting up barriers, organizing the seating arrangements, and the experience of ensuring that everyone in the event is safe. Crowd management is the strategy you develop before the event to control the crowd. You will find that a New York event security company will discuss crowd management techniques with you, but they will use only their security personnel when it comes to crowd control. Here, they will need minimum help from the event managers as the security personnel are experienced in crowd control. Some of the ways that they do crowd control for significant events are as follows:

  • Setting up physical barriers

The security personnel can only be present at some parts of the venue. Thus, you must ensure the crowd enters and exits through specified gates. Moreover, the security personnel must ensure that the crowd’s movement is restricted to certain venue areas. This is important for better crowd control. This is usually done by setting up heavy-duty metal barriers. The crowd must follow the route marked out by the metal barriers to reach their specific places. Moreover, when they want to leave the venue, they must track the designated route and leave the venue. As the security personnel are responsible for the safety of everyone attending the event, it is essential to ensure that the venue is ready to handle the crowd.

  • Setting up the necessary signs

In a large event, think of a music festival or a live performance by a celebrity; it is essential to make the areas of the venues that they cannot enter clear to the audience. You must set up proper signs giving your guests directions to get refreshments or directions to the nearest washroom. Which is the best path to follow? The signs are essential for the easy movement of the guests and to prevent any confusion.

  • Acting as bodyguards

In a large event, the emotions run high, and the audience often experiences an adrenaline rush. As a result, they might behave in a manner that they would not under normal circumstances. The security personnel are responsible for managing such situations and ensuring the safety of both the performer and the audience. Say, for instance, you find that your favorite artist is playing the latest hits. An overexcited fan might try to enter the stage and create a problematic situation for the artist and the audience. It can make a significant disturbance and spoil the entire mood of the event. The security personnel’s work is to assess and mitigate such risks. They can control the audience member and prevent him from entering the stage. If necessary, they can physically detain the member of the audience.


  • Emergency exit plan

You will find that an essential part of crowd control is an emergency exit plan. According to expert security personnel, predicting the outcome of a large event is difficult. Suppose you hire a New York event security company. In that case, the security experts associated with the company will tell you that it is essential to have an emergency exit plan in place. If you do not have it and the crowd cannot leave the venue in an organized manner, it can even lead to a stampede. You might need to implement the emergency exit plan in case of a sudden fire, an act of terrorism, or a brawl that can result in a significant pandemonium. Thus, to avoid such a situation, security personnel must be on standby to control the crowd and help them leave the venue without getting hurt.

You will find that it is essential to control the crowd so that the event is completed without any issues. You will find that certain performers prefer to interact with the audience. This often leads to difficult situations you had not planned for, but it is crucial to be prompt and prevent the situation from escalating further. It is essential to quickly de-escalate the situation and ensure the crowd remains calm and happy.

One of the easiest ways to ensure this would be to understand the interaction that the performer wants to have with the audience. Your security personnel must have prior knowledge of situations, such as whether the performer will ask an audience member to come on stage or get down into the pit of the stage to be closer to the audience. In that case, the security personnel can take adequate measures for better crowd control. They will have more security personnel near the performer during such a situation.

How do you do a risk assessment for outdoor events?

Consider certain factors when assessing an outdoor event risk. For instance, if it is a celebrity performance, the most significant security risk is a fan heckling the performer. Not allowing the member to reach the stage can prevent such a situation. In other outdoor events, you will have the risk of a fire hazard. In an outdoor event, you will have lost electrical wires running through several parts of the venue. If the wiring is not done correctly, it can become a fire hazard. When you do a risk assessment, you must check the wiring for all electrical equipment used in the event and ensure there is no chance of a fire hazard.

When you do a risk assessment, it is important to check who are the individuals that can be harmed due to the hazard. Usually, it is the volunteers, event managers, and performers. However, the audience is also at risk in a significant event where you expect a large crowd. Thus, when you do a risk assessment, check the type of event, its size, and the number of people attending the event. Based on these, you can evaluate the risks and record your findings.

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Maximizing Safety at Outdoor Events: Strategies from Diamond Touch Security